Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 - Twenty Seven Names

I have to admit that when we were ushered PAST the runways and outside - while it was raining - I was not happy. However, I have to admit that this was the most unique show I attended at NZFW! Set against the grey skies of the Auckland harbour, the sea of umbrellas stood out.

Twenty Seven Names as a label, has cemented itself as one of NZ's top ready-to-wear-designer labels. The collection was filled with muted colours often in different shade of nude. You can tell the collection was designed with a demure (dare I say "norm-core" feel). 

One of my favourites at NZFW by far! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 Day 1 + win yourself a hair care prizepack

Wooohoo That time of year is upon us again.
New Zealand Fashion Week, where the trendies come out to play.

As I mentioned yesterday via Instagram (If you don't follow me, why the hell not?! Dooo it, at the very least you can screen grab my meme collection and lol) I went to my favouritest hair dresser in the world, Lupe Pasikala and she transformed my dark blonde/light brown beleyage into a candy-floss, unicorn dream.

So drumroll please.......


I LOVE IT. And I loved matching it with this amazing, AMAZING faux fur from (Which you shall read more more of soon). 

 Ok, enough of me swishing my hair around like an idiot.

Now, back to NZFW, to celebrate NZFW and give all my readers a chance to share in the fun, I have an awesomely, awesome giveaway for you!

You could win:

1x Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Shimmer-Complex spray (150ml)
1x SP Luxe Oli (100ml)
1x Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray (400ml)

Valued at over $150! Swanky.
Treat you hair 

All you have to do to enter, is hop onto @sans_pareil_blog Instagram or the sans pareil facebook page and comment under this picture, who your favourite New Zealand fashion designer is.


Goodluck!!! And check back in tomorrow for my updates from Day 2 (Which was today). xx
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

How to wear a bodycon dress (If you've got a booty and other shapely, womanly parts) sponsored by

I was sent this awesome body-con dress by  
Well actually, I was given a budget and set free on the website to be exact. A few posts back, I showed off the great co-ord set I got, so this post I thought I'd show you all how I layer basics.

I'm naturally a rather - flamboyant (I guess you'd say) dresser - so I internally struggle every time I go shopping with what I WANT to buy and what I SHOULD.

One thing I love about is that they have a great section just for basics (which are usually made in jersey material so super comfy) so the shopper can easily select what they need. On that note, I got the Lola Turtle Neck in navy (also it's like $24- amaze).

This is my favourite dress at the moment because I've worn it to just about every type of event - a job interview, drinks hanging out - and managed to change it to suit the ambience. 

As it's the middle of freaking winter here, I layered it with boots tights, a long scarf, a leather jacket, slicked back hair and huge earrings for a 70s look. 

If you're like me and you're shapely (I  have a butt that could rival a Kardashian) and want to look a little conservative that day ( unlike the Kardashians) then bodycon dresses are still right for you! Just layer the crap out of your outfit. 

My minimal make-up selfie 

The Best idea with layering is to keep it at just two - and if you're wanting to look professional and not grunge, then go for a long middle layer - so the one under your jacket - and then a jacket that has some sort of structure to it (leather jackets are great for this, and if you can get faux). 

Thinking about my next outfit

Here is the actually colour of the dress - a deep, royal blue 

Even my nails are minimal! 
Add caption

Now that my sexy, sexy curves are hidden (lollz) I'm off to take on the corporate world!


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Giveaway + Monday Hustle guest post

If you've been following my exploits on social media (which you should, because I am a meme goddess) you will know that I have been working quite a bit with Lucy over on Monday Hustle. I asked her to do a guest post in conjunction with a giveaway I am sponsoring.  Head over to the Monday Hustle Instagram and enter!! Wooo.

This is what you could win!! 

Without further adieu, here is the the guest Monday Hustle blog post. Enjoy. x

Hey! I’m Lucy, but these days you might know me as the Monday Hustler. Long story short, I resigned from my inspiration starved 9-5 office job in favour of chasing the dream. It’s been 5 weeks since I left the safety net of secure employment and the hustle is real! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Now, the hardest part about not having a stable job is obviously that little thing we call income. I have none. And this is where you gotta get a little bit savvy..

To me (and Robecca!), op-shopping is a total no brainer. It’s like being given permission to enter a treasure box where not only does time go backwards, but price does too! Here are my top three reasons as to why you should meet us on the opshop train:

1)   Quality
Seriously. The quality of some of these garments is second to none. I’ve come across items from as early as the 1950’s, which still have the tags attached - and they look like they were made yesterday! If they have lasted this long and are still in mint condition, then I can guarantee that you are going to have a beautiful life together. 

2)   Originality
Opshopping is something that forces you to think outside the box. No matter what you are influenced by, as long as you keep an open mind, you’ll find something fresh, something that stands out, and something that might even be back in fashion.. Pulp lace ups anyone? Everything swings back around – and if you get it right, you can even find yourself ahead of the game!

3)   Cost
If the first two reasons aren’t enough, when you factor in the price, you’ll never look back! Now go find the acid wash denim jacket you’ve been dreaming about for $7... And tag me in the pic when you do!

For more tips on how to live your life most confident, check out and follow @mondayhustle on Facebook and Instagram!


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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Style that's Cheap as Chips

 Iiiiiiii like a bargain. 

I'm always opp-shopping, thrifting and hitting up cheap shops to find that golden ticket item. So in this post I thought I'd share with you an easy way to make dirt cheap items look expensive. I got the dress I'm wearing from The Warehouse for $7. It was on the sale rack, and basically looked like this:

As SOON as I saw it I was reminded of the classic Lonely Hearts babydoll style of dress they seem to put out every season.
Soooo Kawaii but usually around the $400. 
SO, seeing a dress that looks like a $400 designer piece for only $7 is a giant "YES PLEASE I'LL TAKE IT!". The other thing I loved about it (which you can't really see in the picture) are the oversized 3/4 length sleeves. Truly a great, everyday dress to throw on.

NOW how to make it look more expensive than it is - accessorise!
A negative to the babydoll is that it can be a tad shapeless, so a structured jacket in winter combats this perfectly. The Jacket I'm wearing was a bit of an investment piece this winter so I know it can class up any outfit.

Also being a die-hard grunge kid I can never go bast a classic pair of Doc Martens and black tights with a floral dress.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Daily Struggle with being a Blogger

A good friend of mine recently quit her corporate job to 'chase the creative dream'. She's spending the next couple of months living off her savings while she takes a huge plunge into the creative abyss as a blogger (you should check her blog out here - it's real rad) about just that - trying to make it as a creative.

This got me thinking. 

There are so, SO many things I could go into regarding the difficulty for a 20-something to actually be successful as a creative. By successful I mean: the ability to sustain one's existence while doing the thing(s) you love. But that is for another post. 

In this post, I'm going to talk about the daily struggle that is to be a blogger. Also, please note that this is written from New Zealand, where as far as I am aware, there are no bloggers getting 12 million sponsorship deals here. 

- The struggle is very real. 

Some brands treat you like shit. Once you're well enough established as a blogger, brands will start to blow up your inbox. At first, this can be exciting and overwhelming, and you can resist the offers of free stuff. BEWARE! There are so many online clothing and apparel sites that I can guarantee saying no once in a while is Ok. I have had dozens of online clothing shops contact me, from all around the world, looking to send me 'free products' in exchange for a plug or two. However, always read the fine print. One awful online shop to deal with is ROMWE. They signed me up to a blogger's program, and asked me to post ads. For every ad I would post on my facebook page, Instagram and blog, I would get "ROMWE dollars" that would build up over time which I could redeem for anything on the website. When I finally got enough to buy a garment, they simply never sent it. When I complained, they tried to barter what they owed me and then eventually just ignored me. Because they are based in China and I'm in New Zealand, there was literally nothing I could do. All that effort I had put into trying to build an affiliate relationship with them and - all of the plugs I had done for them - was for nothing. Another time I had another China based company want to send me free jewellery if I put their banner on my page for a month. Sounds alright in theory. The only problem was that the jewellery was so cheaply made (and looking) it rivalled stuff out of a dollar store. They wanted me to essentially advertise their awful website for a whole month for the equivalency of gold coin. This is such a terrible trap for new bloggers to fall into because it not only has absolutely no monetary value, it cheapens your whole blog by association. 

Some PR agencies treat you like shit. I have a bit of a background in P.R, so I can honestly say that some PR companies are AWESOME and doing awesome stuff and totally supportive. Some others, however - not so much. It's great to get on as many PR mailing lists as possible, at the very least, you get to stay in the know of what all their brands are up to which can save some serious research time. A downside to dealing with PR companies (and again this is only some) is that they can look down their noses at you. You can get treated as someone who just wants free stuff. I imagine the reason some agencies have this view about bloggers is because there are obviously some people out there who are all about the free-stuff and not about creating awesome content. Those said people, will try and pass as a blogger.
Also, blogging is pretty new to the game, and the average person really has no idea who or what you do. The average PR agency, especially if there aren't too many 'young' people working there, have no idea how to interact with a blogger. They don't really know what they should do with you, just that they should have a few bloggers on their mailing lists. ANOTHER huge problem are some agencies look at some big name bloggers overseas (who have millions of followers and charge something in the range of $30,000 for a sponsored post) and think that if you can't pull that sort of influence you're no good to them. NOT TRUE. Just because the average blogger doesn't have millions of girls dying their hair the same colour like they're Kylie Jenner; doesn’t mean they're not influential. I guarantee they Kylie was looking at pictures of Tumblr bloggers when she was thinking about going pastel. Even though you might not notice the particular blogger, we are the ones setting trends. I guarantee all your favourite trends right now have been started and solidified by indie bloggers. If you send your product out to 20 bloggers and every blogger plugs said product, takes pictures with it etc, that’s basically A FREE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. So PR agencies, go a little easier of bloggers, it’s a tough gig.  

  It’s actually LOTS of work. People a only now just keying on to the concept that blogging is A LOT of work. Most bloggers have a jack-of-all-trades thing happening, so by the time you’ve styled yourself (or garments, or whatever it is your photographing) taken the photos, edited the photos, written your blog post and then edited your blog post – hours up on hours – even days- can have gone by. Then there is the web design you must constantly be doing, the daily marketing and self-promotion so you actually have readers; interacting with your blogger community so you stay current and the list could go on. 

 There is always something that can be said for doing something you love as a job, but have no doubt that it is not a 9-5. It’s a 9am- 10pm or beyond. Yes, you’ll get lots of fun coffee dates and going to do cool stuff/ see cool stuff/wear cool stuff but it can very much be non-stop. Especially if you’re trying to ‘make it’ as a blogger.  There is always something you could be doing.

People don’t take you seriously. In the UK and US it’s fairly common for professional bloggers to have agents, and the top bloggers are pulling in big bucks. However, when you say that you're a blogger, or that you have a blog, some eye-rolling can happen. That's because it's not viewed as a legitimate job yet. If you are a blogger, you will know that to get any sort of traction happening, you will need to be putting in at least a 40 hour work week. 

You get haters on the internet. It's pretty common knowledge that some people are the WORST and then say the WORST things on the internet. There is an epidemic when it comes to cyber bullying, that we are only now getting a grasp of. Having a strong presence online means you're basically 'putting yourself out there' when it comes to negative comments. The bigger you get, the more haters you get. I follow quite a few international bloggers on Instagram, and just the other day I read a pretty awful comment. This was the account of Swedish blogger, Fanny Lyckman, who by all means is absolutely gorgeous, has nearly 500k followers and seems to have a pretty ideal existence. Someone commented, completely unrelated to the picture, how stupid and embarrassing it was to have the name "Fanny".  Aside for the fact that that's a pretty common old English name, that is something that no one would ever say in real life. I once posted a picture of myself in a Boy London sweatshirt and someone angrily commented that I was wearing the Nazi eagle. I can see how they look similar, but come-on, who wears a nazi sweatshirt with the word boy under it, sitting in a park with their dog?! You will learn fast that people on the internet are crazy. 

You have no idea what you're doing half the time. When we started Sans Pareil in 2010, we had absolutely NO idea what we were doing. And I don't think anyone really does when they start out. Each post, each time you network or are inspired can take you in completely different directions you thought you'd be going in. As soon as you start writing, I can almost guarantee it will morph into something different than you originally intended. And that's Ok. The great thing about blogs are that they are constantly changing - that fluidity is what keeps readers coming back. 

Some Positive Aspects To Blogging - 

Swag. Lets not beat around the bush, getting sent free stuff because people think you're cool and want you to rep that stuff - is fucking awesome. The other day, I was having a clean out of my wardrobe -and came to the realisation that a good quarter of it was sent to me by companies who wanted me to wear their product. It's fun and exciting, your heart beats a little faster when the mailman arrives. However, most bloggers don't get paid well or at all, so it's actually only fair that we get to keep the products that we are so generously showing to all of our readers. If you work a hard 40 hour week for your paycheque and don't consider that money a lucky gift; then have the same thought for bloggers and their 'free swag' - it's never really free. 

You kinda become good at everything, which makes you uber valuable. Again, as I mentioned above, unless you're Blake Lively, a millionaire, and can hire the best people for every little job - you need to be able to do everything. The up-side of this, is that you can now put on your CV that you have experience in Marketing, PR, are a Social Media expert, Photoshop, Fashion Guru - you can tailor your experience to fit your industry! Blogging is almost like a hobby, where you are practicing communication skills every time you do it- which will put you heads and shoulders above those who only 9-5. 

The sky's the limit. I think this is possibly the reason why so many people persevere with blogging, even though for the first little while at least, it mainly just drains your time and money. You can go absolutely anywhere you want with your blog, make it about ANYTHING, and watch it grow into something you're truly proud of. It can be that vessel you were looking for to channel your voice, creativity or skills - or all three! 

Now that you know a little more behind the scenes of blogging, the last piece of advice I have for you is that if you enjoy doing it or have a dream you're working towards - STAY WITH IT. There will 100% be days that you will want to pack it in. Just remember that you started this for a reason, so keep going. 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sun Showers

Sadly, it is Winter here in Auckland. as I write this, there is a storm happening outside my window. 
for this look, I decided to embrace the rain and take some pics in it! (So excuse my hair, It was being rained on).  Love to know what you guys think. And hopefully, wherever you are you're staying dry. xxx

Faux Fur - Unreal Fur
Tote - Discount Universe 
Top - Vintage Sans Pareil 
Pants - Glassons High waisted riding leggings 
Belt - Moschino 
Shoes - Doc Martens 
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Winter Wardrobe Challenge Look 1

I was really excited when contacted me because it's a website I know and love. You get contacted by quite a few random websites that you've never heard of. And a few that are not particularly great brands in the way they treat bloggers (I'm looking at you ROMWE) so when Boohoo got in touch I knew it would be an awesome experience! 

I was asked to pick anything I wanted within a $120 budget, and style it anyway I saw fit. 

My first outfit I picked was the The bella co-ord set in black

At this point I should point out that I am 5'11 so the skirt is pretty short on me - so if you shop the look, it will set longer on most! 

Nixon decided to model too <3 nbsp="" td="">

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