Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Designer Watch: Jarred Godman

I caught up with the young Auckland based designer, Jarrad Godman right after the debut of his collection at the AUT Rookie Show. Godman was on a happy high after the show, and was optimistic about the future;

Me: What have you got planned now that you're done for the year?
Godman: I plan to take a week or so off as I haven't had more than one day in a row off in two years!!
Me: Wow, that's insane, You must be exhausted. So where do you plan to go from here with your designs? Will you make a label?
Godman: I will turn my stuff into a commercial label. I'm already selling now, I'm hoping to move forward as soon as possible with that.

Me: What kind of collection is your aim? Should we look out for a line in stores soon?
Godman: Yes. I plan to do small, seasonal drops. I want my collections to tell a story and be fluid. I like everything to have a reason.
Me: That sounds exciting! Have you decided on any stockists yet?
Godman: I'm talking with a few at the moment, though nothing concrete.

Designer to watch: Jarrad Godman

Words by Robecca Leyden
Photos by Eve Sorenson
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Colin goes to the Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Melbourne NGV

Jean-Paul Gaultier is my designer of choice. From his scent for men which has adnored me for many, many years my default white with blue striped shirts. Which was based on the uniform of the Breton naval uniform and is my number one wardrobe staple. So, when I found out he would feature this summer at the National Gallery of Victoria I went “Squeeeeeeeee!”

The collection on display is rhasodic, full of gallic flare and pizazz. There are dresses (this word doesn't even do them justice) worn by Madonna on stage at the hight of her fame. There are pieces from the Fifth Element – one of my favourite movies – as he was was the costume designer for this English Language French Sci-fi classic.

When you enter there is Jean-Paul, front and centre. Oh, wait that's not him, that's a projected image of him talking about the collection, projected on to a mannequin. Too cute. Too creepy, but genius non-the-less.

My Favourite piece is a dress worn by Cate Blanchett to the Oscars in 2000.

Oh, yes and this picture of Kate Moss.

When is the best time to go see this, you ask? Why NGV friday night. Then you can see the exhibition, hear talks and get drunk whilst checking sets out some of Melbourne best bands.

Words and pictures are all courtesy of Colin Harte. 
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slick hair and a Midi

It's getting sticky in Auckland. And I do mean the heat. 
Which leads me to this very first world complaint: It's hard to make yourself look presentable, when all you really want to do is sit naked in the fridge. 
Ok, that's an exaggeration, but you get my point. One of the perks of living in a tropical country is that even when it's raining, it's muggy. 

Attending a friend's leaving drinks meant that I had to look presentable, and seeing as this was probably the only time for a while that I would look as such, I got some pics snapped. my outfit is inspired by two things - clothes that I wouldn't sweat in and my love of  the 90's.

Since I've entered the semi corporate; world I've been channeling my inner Working Girl (the film, not the age old profession of prostitution) and wearing my hair slicked back, red lips and big, bling earrings. Check out my wee outfit and let me know what ya thank. x 

I'm smiling like a dork because I'm not sweating ^^

I'm Wearing:
Top- Sans Pareil Sheer black evening crop
Skirt - eBay Midi 
Earrings- YSL
Shoes- Rubi 
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Sunday, December 7, 2014


A few weeks ago I partnered with NZsale.co.nz where they gave me a $100 to spend on the site and not only blog about the items I got but also my experience. 

If you're familiar with the site, then you'll know that that $100 goes a LONG way. I got really addicted to looking up things to spend my precious $100 on. 

The site is SO easy to use and It's cool that it show's up coming sales, so you get an idea of what brands will be on sale in the next few days. It also has this thing, where you receive $20 off when you invite friends and they use the site.

I settled on a a dress and some shorts from Pinclove. I had a little problem with the dress where the zip broke, which I guess was a good chance to check out their refund policy (FYI - they don't keep stock so you will only get a refund!).

For lack of time I've gone ahead and shot the shorts sans dress.

They fit PERFECTLY which I was more than a little scared about because Shorts don't tend to be my thang.

I also got ma nails 'did! xx

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thin Lizzy Loose Mineral Powder - a how to guide

This product by Thin Lizzy has JUST been released to the New Zealand market (in time for Christmas) so I thought I would do an in-depth  how-to guide when applying the mineral foundation. This kit also provides a great alternative to contouring without the heaviness of 3 different types of concealer and foundation. 

Here I am, with no make up and a fun-filled zit on my forehead. Lucky me. 

Below, is the product. I have the Thin Lizzy 7 Piece Minerals Starter Kit, in which you get concealer, mineral foundation, the 6 in 1 professional powder, the airbrush veil and two brushes. I also threw in my Thin Lizzy Lip gloss because I already have one and it would be a nice final touch. Each mineral powder comes in little bite size mini pots (though honestly, I think they will last me forever because you don't use very much at a time).

Step 1. Concealer. 

Take the concealer and dot the places around your face you need the heaviest coverage. When using it under the eyes. make sure to work it in a triangle like motion. This provides the best and most flawless cover for under eye circles. 

Step 2. Loose Mineral Foundation. 

Take the pink brush and apply the Loose Mineral Foundation all of your face and neck for even coverage. 

Step 3. 6 In 1 Loose Mineral Powder. 
Now grab the blue brush and apply the 6 in 1 Loose Powder. This is what you use to contour; it can be used as a face framer, blusher,eye shadow, lip colour and bronzer. 

3. Airbrush Veil Loose Powder.
Lastly, use the pink brush and the Airbrush Veil Loose Powder. This is the finishing touch that will lock the make-up in place. 


I like this product as it's easy to use and the 7 piece kit is fun to follow. Also the miniature sizes are great to pop in the handbag for on the go! 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lonely Bones Boutique Lookbook Summer 2014/15

Lonely Bones Boutique is a super kawaii online shop from New Zealand. It sells affordable latest-trend fashion for laddddiiiieeees. Here is a quote from Sam the owner: 

"We aim to bring you quality, on-trend clothing with free sizing andstyling advice, just email us or chat to us on Facebook. We treat you
no differently than we treat our friends.  Don’t forget to keep a look
out for the 2nd half of our Spring/Summer range in the next few weeks."

Sounds like a dream shopping webiste to me! Below are my favourite pics from the new season range. You can see the full collection on the Facebook page (follow the link). All the photos taken by NZIPP award winning photographer Shar Hays. (you can also peep her facebook page here.

The flower crowns are such a beautiful touch, don't you think?


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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ring Stacking with Michael Hill Jeweller

How pretty is ring stacking?
I am such a huge fan! Though it's hard to find the perfect combination.

So lets pretend that my wallet is bottomless and I'm going to use Michael Hill Jeweller  to make my ultimate dream ring stacking combo!

This is an obvious no-brainer selection. I would get at least two of these and probably in all different sizes so I could wear it above or below the knuckle depending. 

Petite rings are so cute and girlie and will be a popular accessory this summer. I would get a smaller size in this one so I could wear it as a midi (above the knuckle). 

I am a HUGE fan of mixing yellow gold with white gold and silver. Not everyone is, but I love this ring because if I wanted to mix it up with a silver band this would make for the best gateway. 

4. This 10CT Yellow Gold Rope Stack Ring 


I LOVE this ring. It is my absolute favourite, and if I could I would get at least two, and wear one on my index and one on my middle finger. 

6. Lastly, The Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring 
I think this is such a divine piece. It's very similar to the type of jewellery my mum would wear. I think it would make a great stacking ring because it would add a beautiful, elegant touch.

Now that I've spent about $4000.00 of dream money I should probably get back to reality! xx 

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